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    Question Regarding unused pins and downstream ports on CYUSB3333


      My team and I are designing a device that uses the CYUSB3333 to implement a USB hub; the upstream port will be a USB 3.1 Type C connector, and on the downstream side we will have two USB 3.0 Type Micro B connectors, as well as a microcontroller connected directly on the board using USB 2.0. I had a few concerns I wanted to go over regarding this specific chip:

      -What is the preferred method to connect the Type-C connector data pairs to the Hub IC? In the reference design the signals are sent through a Mux that allows for video to be sent to a display port, but we are strictly using the USB data only. The connector has 4 USB 3.0 Pairs, but the CYUSB3333 only has pins for two of the pairs.

      -How should the unused PD Controller Port 2 pins be connected? Should they be left floating, or connected to a voltage source?

      -How should the I2C, Debug, and GPIO pins be connected if they will also be unused?

      Thank you!