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    Usage environment of flash memory


      What kind of environment is the worst in using flash memory?

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          Hello Yamakoshi San,


          In general it is not recommended to use the device outside operating conditions mentioned in the datasheet. So depending on the device you have like commercial, Industrial or Automotive you should operate with in those temperature ranges. If you operate beyond that it will not work.

          A commercial or industrial device can not be used in military applications , in this case it will be considered a worst environment for the specific device. So it depends on the device you have.


          Hope it answers your query.




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            Hello Krishna san,


            Thanks for your reply.


            Which will accelerate the deterioration of the cell under the following conditions?

            In addition to the following conditions, are there any conditions related to cell deterioration?


            ・High voltage or Low voltage

            ・High temperature or Low temperature

            ・P/E cycle interval is fast or slow

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              Hello Yamokoshi san,


              Please refer to our application note from the link given below :



              Please note this app note doesn’t use absolute ability for data retention and cycling. we use baseline value in this case.

              For high Vcc and low Vcc, normally cell voltage stress is common even if Vcc is different. So, basically, there is no relation for cell degradation.

              Regarding  P/E cycling if is fast the cell degradation will be more.