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    S34ML01G2 NAND - R/B# stays busy(LOW) after issuing reset command RESET(0xFFh)



      I am trying to interface S34ML01G2 NAND flash with STM32F0. I am trying out the basic RESET and READID commands. However, I am unable to get proper out from the NAND flash as mentioned in the datasheet(R/B# has to go HIGH after some tRST, but it stays low forever!!!) even after following the timing scheme mentioned in the datasheet:


      My code for the same:


      void Flash_Reset(void)


          dataport->ODR &= ~(assertDataBus);          //Clearing out the data on IO data port

          EN_CE;                         // CE# = 0;

          DIS_ALE;                        // ALE = 0;

          DIS_RE;                         // RE# = 1;

          EN_CLE;                        // CLE = 1;

          EN_WE;                         // WE# = 0

          dataport->ODR |= (0xFF);                         //command for reset on IO data port         

          DIS_WE;                         // WE# = 1;

          DIS_CLE;                        // CLE = 0;

          DIS_CE;                         //CE# = 1;


      This code is as per the timing scheme mentioned above. Where am I going wrong?


      Any help will be of great help.