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    No life from ILI9481 display controller. Any tips?


      Hi Everyone,


      I am trying to get an Arduino TFT Shield working on my PSoC 5LP proto Board.  So far no luck.  I have put the board on an actual Arduino and it works fine, so the display hardware is okay.  So far I have tried using the "Graphics LCD Interface" component and when that failed, I wrote a routine to generate the bus signals via software.  Unfortunately no love from the display.  The only commands I am sending are the "Sleep Out" (0x11), "Display On" (0x29) and then "Data Mode" (0x2C) and then just pushing some random data to the frame buffer just to tray and see something.  I have gotten other ILIxxxx display controllers working, but this ILI9481 eludes me.


      Just wondering if anyone has successfully interfaced an ILI9481 based display to a PSoC?  Does anyone have any tips/source code they're willing to share.