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    CYBT-343026-EVAL EZ-BT Module Arduino Evaluation Board - Now available!


      Today, Cypress released the EZ-BT Module Arduino Evaluation Board (CYBT-343026-EVAL) that enables you to evaluate and develop applications on the EZ-BT WICED Module, CYBT-343026-01. CYBT-343026-01 is a Bluetooth 5.0 ready module that leverages CYW20706 Bluetooth MCU. The CYBT-343026-01 includes 512 KB of onboard serial flash memory and is designed for standalone operation. The CYBT-343026-01 uses an integrated power amplifier to achieve Class I or Class II output power capability.

      Module features:

      • Certified to FCC, ISED, MIC, and CE regulations
      • Castelated solder pad connections for ease-of-use
      • 512-KB on-module serial flash memory
      • Up to 11 GPIOs
      • Maximum TX output power: +12 dbm for Bluetooth Classic,  +9 dBm for Bluetooth Low Energy
      • RX Receive Sensitivity:  –93.5 dBm for Bluetooth Classic,  –96.5 dBm for Bluetooth Low Energy


      Getting started with kit:

      CYBT-343026-EVAL can be used as a standalone evaluation kit or can be combined with Arduino compatible shields.

      To use the CYBT-343026-EVAL,

      • Configure the evaluation board headers/switches to the desired settings
      • Connect the evaluation board to a PC via a USB cable
      • Refer to KBA221025 for platform files, Makefile target generation, and HCI UART switch position setting for programming
      • Open the WICED Studio, develop your application, program and test


      To learn more and to buy a kit, please refer to kit webpage www.cypress.com/CYBT-343026-EVAL.