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    PSoC 6 kit E-Ink display


      The PSoC 6 kit display does not work according to Michi's 'out of the box' demo. His display shows choices my display has some instructions but no selections. I stress this is out of the box and powered up nothing else. No phones.

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          Hello bimoc_2730446, mine also had another demo... one with the instructions and so, that is a ble demo, download the cysmart app in your phone and use bluetooth to connect with the psoc 6... it has 3 characteristics, the cap sense buttons, the slider and the RGB led...
          if you still want the demo with the menu, etc, you can found it in psoc creator 4.2 in the examples with the name "CE218133_EINK_CAPSENSE" ... use it to program the psoc 6 board.

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            Thanks Fredy. I will try this. I think Michi threw me off by stating it was out of the box demo. I have tried both iPhone and android 5 phones with CySmart and they work fine

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              Hi Bill,


              Thanks for commenting about this. The video I shot back in February/March of this year used very early versions of the kit, silicon, and Creator software.


              The "old" out-of-box demo showed menu options for the Quick Start Guide, which could be selected using the CapSense buttons and slider, but since then, we've added more capabilities PSoC 6 has, with a lot more cool and amazing features now, such as BLE. We decided to change the out-of-box demo to show just that, plus our awesome CapSense technology.


              Therefore, the out-of-box demo you see in the video and what you see from the kit in front of you is different.

              Let me know if you have any other questions or comments!


              Fredy, thank you for also commenting and providing your feedback and insight.

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                Hi Michi


                Thanks for the reply, I was worried that my kit's display was malfunctioning. I now understand I was looking at an older video.


                BTW Highly honoured that you took the time to reply personally, thanks


                Regards Bill