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    Can a CCG3 become a USB to UART bridge?


      Hi, I am working with a microcontroller that only has a UART for serial communications.  Would it be possible to create a USB to UART virtual port bridge inside the CCG3 to interface with the microcontroller?

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          Hi Chris,


          The CCG3 can be realize it by customize firmware internal. I just want to let you know CYPD3120 and CYPD3123 firmware project have already implemented USB to I2C bridge internal. The related firmware source code is bb_internal.c, usb_hid.c.


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            We got the same response from Lisa before and we have almost got USB HID to work now by modifying the USB Billboard device class that is included in the DP-dongle source code example. We didn't use the USB to I2C bridge which is used for firmware/debug interface, we felt that was too dangerous


            We thought also about doing UART instead but that would be a larger step to go from based on the Billboard class.


            We used a standard PSoC 5LP / PSoC creator to generate all descriptor file content and then inserted them into the CCG4 GW BTW, there is is just drag-n-drop to add USB HID/UART.


            Lisa: You need to tell your product managers to enable the designer-view in PSoC creator to work with these block on the CCGx firmware. Then you product would be clearly better than TI's products.