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    PSOC5LP: API are not getting created for Gpio

      Hello Team,

               For one of our project, we are using Cy8ckit-001 EVK Board and CY8C5868-LP035 module. We are using PSoC creator for generating API and developing firmware. We need around 4Gpio for controlling external LED. Following are I steps I followed for Gpio programming.

      1> I dragged and dropped Digital output pin from the catalogue to TopDesign.cysch.

      2> Opened Configure tab and did following configuration.


      3> Opened pin assignment tab and assigned the pin number to all 4 pins.


      4>Finally, Build my project.


                But API for digital output pins(Pin_Read, Pin_Write, Pin_ReadDataReg, Pin_SetDriveMode, Pin_SetInterruptMode, Pin_ClearInterrupt) are not created, the only file by name LED_aliases.h is created. PFA of LED_aliases.h file. Now how can I pull gpio high and low?

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          You defined the mapping for your pins as non-continous. This implies that your pins reside on different ports. This you use in your project (port2 and port1).

          So you need to use the per pin APIs which are described in the "System Reference Guide" from Creator help menu. When you set all LEDs to the same port and the spanning to continous you will get back your APIs to write to the pins as before.



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