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    CY8C4245AXI-483 programming issue


      dear all,


      i am using CY8C4245AXI-483 in my product. up to date i had used thousand of chips.


      i am using miniprog3 and my standard product pcb.


      i was using creator 3.1 and now 4.1


      i have recently purchased 320 chips and for that i am facing following problems.


      i am always using miniprog as 5v, reset cycle, 1.6 MHz.(as my default)

      pin no 13 and 14 gets connected to miniprog via 330E resistances.


      chip detection by miniprog display for 2 to 3 sec. and get disappears. after removing and again connecting miniprog chip does not get detected


      nothing is going hot, failure of usb supply etc


      so i checked VCCD voltage it comes to near 200mV from 1.7V. (VCCD is bypassed with 1uF)

      XRES remains to zero.


      please help.