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    Master example to read GPIF II data


      I have been reading all the documents and examples about FX3 and so far I haven't found any example that I can use directly. Please help me if you have an example that meets our following requirements:


      1. We would like to replace a Microchip micro-controller on our products with FX3 in order to gain the supper speed data transfer so FX3 will be the master on this product.

      2. GPIF II will be used to retrieve data from a FIFO memory to the FX3 memory and then a head will be added to the buffer. Then FX3 will send the data to USB (or host).

      3. FX3 receives the data request command form USB (or host) with the number of bytes to read which may vary from 16 to 32KB.

      4. The FIFO memory control is pretty simple: D15..D0, CS# and RD# lines.


      Hopefully some can provide an example.


      Thank you in advance.