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    test.gpio-BCM943362WCD4 on 32F205RBT6

      Hello, everyone,


      I am a newbie in programming ARM MCU. For trying it out, i have bought a Waveshare demo board with 32F205RBT6 MCU on it. I use STLink/V2 for programming the device via JTAG port.


      For writing the program, i use WICED-SDK 3.1.1. I suppose I can use BCM943362WCD4 platform since 32F215 is similar to 32F205 (please correct me if i am wrong). So I tried to create a bin file by test.gpio-BCM943362WCD4 for programming. But after I programmed the 32F205, i could not get the expected LEDs lit or blink. However, another LED lits up instead. I suspect the pinout mapping has problem. Where should I look into and make modification? (WICED/platform/MCU/STM32F2xx/GCC/STM32F2x5?)


      I am looking forward to your help.



      Simon FONG