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    Is it possible to brick the CYBLE-013025 by placing faulty code in APPLICATION_INIT()

      I placed some code in the APPLICATION_INIT() function because I am trying to custom set the device .local_name value at run time. In the process of doing so, two different items I think are responsible for the problem I am experiencing. 1: I placed an infinite while loop in the function under an if statement to see if it was being hit (If the program didn't advertise I figured it hit the if statement). 2: I tried a puart_print before actually setting it up without noticing that it was in there.


      I'm wondering if the  APPLICATION_INIT() function might get called before entering the HCI Uart programmable mode. If so, it is going to continue to hard fault or hang and never program again.


      Is there a way to hard reset so this code no longer resides in the chip?


      I have 3 different chips that now have this problem. I don't believe they were ever shocked.