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    Send 24 bit data with Assembly implementation in PSoC 4



      I would like to send a 24bit serial data using assembly code but I am not experienced in assembly at all. Can anyone help me on this? If there are any resources about data transfer in assembly like application notes or something please share with me.


      By the way let me give some more detail about what I am trying to do. Basically I want to drive WS2812B RGB LEDs and as you may know they require strict timing for sending bits. I actually implemented a code in C, which using CyPins_SetPin() and Pin_Write() builtin functions but using them is not a good way to solve the issue I guess. Therefore I would like to implement this in Assembly language putting some "nop"s for the delay required sending bits.


      So I am in need of all kinds of help,


      Thanks in advance!