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    Range differences between 20732S and 20736S


      We've got a batch of boards that are nearly identical except some use the 2S and others use the 6S.  We noticed that the newer boards with the 6S do not have the same range as the older 2S boards.  The difference isn't huge, about 10% at most.  More concerning is that the connections on the 2S boards seem to be more reliable (they don't spontaneously disconnect like the 6S ones do sometimes).


      Has anyone else noticed this and if so, did you determine a root cause?


      I'm trying to determine if this is an issue with the boards, the SDK or the modules.  Since the modules are identical except for firmware I would guess that this is the least likely case.  Leaving the boards or the SDK as potential differences, but I'm not sure how to detect/resolve any problems related the the SDK.