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    PSoC Creator 4.1, CYBLE-022001 and debug

      Hi all.

      I've just upgraded the IDE from Creator 3.3 to 4.1 (with a quick passage by 4.0).

      The problem I'm facing is that when I start debugging, after having compiled and programmed the module, the IDE show as next line an instruction inside the function CyDelayCycles in file CyBootAsmGnu.s

      Has anyone had the same problem and solved it?


      Thanks in advance and regards,


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          Can you please attach your project here, with precise steps to reproduce the issue?



          - Madhu Sudhan

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            Hi Madhu.

            I cannot post the project as I've signed a NDA with the customer.

            I just wanted to know if someone else has had problems with debugging after the upgrade to Creator 4.x and the update of some other components.

            It seems that after having programmed the binary to the target it does not stop at main() but somewhere else. It also seems that the execution does not perform every step so the initialization is not complete.

            Before the update I didn't have any strange behaviour.




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              It depend on which resource you used in chip.

              Generally, different application have different issue but it may direct to the same phenomenon.


              Please refer to the Creator's release guide to find which function has been update to locate the issue's resource.

              Or disable different resource in project to locate the issue's resource.


              Not recommend to update the creator if your project have been verified with old version as newer version may update some component that you used.