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    How to reset FX3 to download a new image to the device?


      I successfully download a firmware to the I2C EEPROM accompanying the FX3 device using console center.

      However, I fail in dowload a new firmwaire to this I2C EEPROM. The console center prompt a message to remind me reset the device and then dowload. I reset the device by clicking the button "reset device"at the Upper-Right cornner of the console center. And then click the menu program->FX3->download to EEPROM. It still prompt message remind me reset the device. The dialog to choose image file does not simply apppear.

      Is it because I do not properly reset the device? I have powered off the system and it still reminds me to reset device.

      What kind of reset should be used in this case?

      Full reset or just put the program counter to zero?

      My final question is how can I update the firmware contained in the EEPROM?

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          In order to download a new image to the I2C EEPROM via control center, you need to change the PMODE pin settings in hardware.


          The three PMODE pins PMODE[2:0] should be set to F1F for I2C Boot. In order to load a new image through Control Center, you must change this to USB Boot (F11).


          If you reset or power cycle the device now, you will be able to see "Cypress USB Bootloader" in the control centre. Now you can load the image using control centre -> program->FX3->download to EEPROM


          Once the image is written, change the PMODE pins back to F1F. Now, a reset or power cycle will boot the new image stored in the EEPROM..


          If you are using the FX3 superspeed explorer kit, changing the PMODE from F1F to F11 can be accomplished simply by shorting jumper J4. To change it back to F11, the jumper j4 should be left unconnected.



          - Madhu Sudhan

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