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      Hi All,

      I use CY8CKIT-059 prototyping kit. When I tried to use the component of  ADC_SAR_SEQ to receive external analog signals, I met with trouble.

      I copied my setup and the problem blow.
















      When I build the program, it shows that "vdac_ref" on ADC_SAR_SEQ_v2.0 is unconnected. I am not sure how to connect this hidden pin. I have to connect it to a DAC output pin?


      Thank you in advance.



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          This is just an informational message (as seen by the icon). So you can safely ignore it.

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            Thanks very much for your response. You mean that I can ignore this error message? in another words, this message is a bug?

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              tl;dr: Yes. No.

              Yes, you can ignore this message. It neither an error nor a warning, its purely informational.

              No, I don't think its a bug, it actually tells you the truth: Vref is actually _not_ connected to a terminal - you are using internal Vref. (So this message should not appear when you are using external Vref, or even when using buffered Vref [which is preferred anyway])

              Cypress might consider it a bug that the write internal (debug?) messages to the console log.

              The only bug here might be that the signal seems to named wrong: its _vdac_ref_ whereas it probably should be _vadc_ref_.

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                Thanks again and again for your help.

                One more thing is that I tried to use three Wave DAC8, but some one no output and some output is clamped, I checked everything and they seem good.