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    [Issue] FX3 HD 720p Camera Kit - the "cyfxuvc.img" firmware is not works




      I've just used the "cyfxuvc.img" obtained from URL below to download to RAM of CYUSB3KIT-001.

      However, when connect the set of (MT9M114 + CYUSB3KIT-001) to PC, it is wrong regconized as "USB-Serial MFG mode" (See attached image below)


      I've checked the "cyfxuvc Source Code.zip" and believe it is made by SDK 1.2.2.

      I'm using the latest SDK 1.3.3, so I think this maybe the root cause.


      Q1. Could you test the above issue and figure out work arround?

      Q2. Could you provide the firmware made by SKD 1.3.3 to test?




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          Please follow the following steps:


          1) Double Click the "USB Serial MFG Mode" in device manager.

          2) Go to "Drivers" Tab -> Update Driver -> "Browse My Computer for Driver Software" -> "Let me Pick from a list of Device drivers on my computer"

          3) Uncheck the "Show Compatible Hardware" checkbox.

          4) Select "Standard USB Host Controller" -> USB Composite Device


          Click Next and you will have the Proper drivers binded. You can notice your image sensor under the "Imaging devices" section.



          - Madhu Sudhan