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    A bug about "USBDeviceList" occur on my C# project(x64, the project of x86 is all right)



      win10   vs2013    the place of usb driver is "C:\Cypress\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7\Driver\bin\wlh\x64"    the place of dll is "C:\Cypress\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7\CyUSB.NET\lib\CyUSB.dll"


      I think all above is right. When I "build" my project under "x86" or "any cpu", it can run.  Howerver, if I "build" my project under x64, there will be a bug about "USBDeviceList" when I run it. 

      I have seen this article("CyUSB.dll x64 OverflowException "). But it dose not work for me, because I have already use the version of 3.4.7.

      The following project is a demo to display line on chart according the data from usb(Just as I have writen. This project will work all right if you build it by "x86" or "any cpu", but if you build it by "x64"i it will  not work ).