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    MFi Accessory Developer Summit 2017 November 6th through 10th in Shenzhen...


      MFi Developers,


      We’re excited to be in Shenzhen from November 6th – 10th for the MFi Accessory Developer Summit 2017.


      Cypress will be demonstrating new MFi certified wireless MCUs including iCloud support and holding

      Customer meetings for project requirements reviews at the conference.


      In addition to Homekit/MFi support in WICED, we have added 802.11ac, ultra-low power Wi-Fi, Audio and integrated BLE Meshin to our all-inclusive WICED SDK.


      Please reach our to VikramR_26 and jui-yangc_51 to schedule a meeting with our team.


      Hope we’ll see you there!


      亲爱的MFi社区, 们很高兴在116日至10日在深圳参加2017年的MFi配件开发商峰会。 赛普拉斯将展示新的MFi认证无线MCU,包括iCloud支持和持有 在会议上进行项目需求审查的客户会议。 除了WICED中的Homekit / MFi支持外,我们还将802.11ac,超低功耗Wi-Fi,音频和集成BLE网格添加到我们全面的WICED SDK中。 请让我们知道,如果你来,并想安排会议在这里回答:链接到视线。希望我们能在那里见到你