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    Making projects more friendly to version control systems


      I want to use a version control system to manage my project. Right now it's pretty hard, as my source code ends up mixed in with all kinds of autogenerated code that I don't care about and shouldn't check in --- some of the source code is actually embedded inside autogenerated code that I don't care about etc. I really don't like having my precious content in a directory called Generated_Source.


      Does anyone have any suggestions for whether it's possible to rearrange my project to be a bit easier to manage?


      Most of the autogenerated source is library code that I will never have to modify, and so don't need to worry about. So far the only things I've found I need to modify are interrupt handlers where I need to insert my own code into the `Foo_Interrupt()` routine. Is there any way I have this routine in my main source code? If so, I wouldn't need to modify anything in Generated_Source.


      The ideal solution, of course, is to put everything that's produced by the compiler in an obj directory, but I suspect that's not possible...