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    Using unconfigured SCB for SPI and UART

      Hi all.

      I've been working on a project based on CYBLE-022001-00 in which I needed two serial interfaces (1 I2C on SCB0 and 1 SPI on SCB1).

      Now I need to add a UART channel and I was thinking to share SCB1. The configuration is the following:

      MISO P4[1]

      MOSI P4[0]

      SCLK P5[1]

      TX P3[5]

      RX P3[4]


      The SPI CS is manually managed.


      I've tried to follow the following examples without any luck:

      - SCB_UnconfiguredComm Example Project 1.0

      - Time-Sharing a PSoC® 4 Serial Communication Block (SCB) Between Two Functions – KBA90605


      Can anyone point me in the right direction?


      Thanks in advance