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    Known WICED example code conversion problems.

      Are there any known code conversion problems in the WICED examples? All of the Example code is made for the old broadcom BCM92073(6/7) devices so I have to compile it to run on the CYBLE_013025_EVAL. When I look at the platform.h file for the different target types, the CYBLE model platform file does not have as many pins defined in it, and it doesn't show as having a write protect pin for NVRAM. I'm wondering if some of these differences cause any known misbehavior in the example code after non-defined defines are resolved.


      Right now I am trying to get the ota_firmaware_upgrade and ota_secure_firmware_upgrade to work without success. I have also been trying to get some UART data back on those examples from the ble_trace data, but no uart data is coming through from them. I have also posted some other questions about this device here: Read Flash Memory from CYBLE-013025 Device

      Cant get Cyble-013025 dev kit to run over the air firmware updates.