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    PSoC 1 bootloader AN2100



      I'm trying to integrate bootloader support in one of our PSoC projects.

      I found AN2100 to be exactly what I need but I somehow can't get it to link.


      After copying all the files & content as described in AN2100 i get the following linker error when building my project:


      !E <library>(2242): {linker} area 'BootLoaderArea' not large enough. Need 647 bytes

      lo 32148 hi 32767 size 620

      make: *** [output/MyProject.rom] Error -1


      Building the original Project is working fine and building the AN2100 sample is working fine.

      Most likely I missed some little step but since I'm not too deep into all the stuff that's being done in the bootloader & linker part of the device I can't find my error.


      The first things I checked were if the custom.lkp & htlinkotps.lkp files are in place, which are.

      I guess someone who is familiar with the device can point me into the right direction without much effort


      Thanks in advance