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    PSoC5 CAN: How to achieve 250kbps CAN speed w/o external clock source

      Hello Team,

                We are using Cy8ckit-001 EVK Board and CY8C5868-LP035 module. We are trying to implement CAN module which receive and transmit data from another board. We want to achieve CAN baud rate of 250kbps. But CAN_v_3.0 datasheet says

                In order for CAN component to operate properly. The accuracy of clock used (BUS_CLK for PSoC 3/PSoC 5LP) must match the CAN clock tolerance requirement which is 0.5% or better for bit-rates faster than 125kbps. But with the help of internal clock we are not able to achieve 0.5% tolerance. PSoC Creator is giving following warning.

      Following is my jpeg of clock tree.

                     Please guide me how to configure clock tree and can module to achieve 250kbps can speed without external crystal.


      Thanks and Regards,