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    Cant get Cyble-013025 dev kit to run over the air firmware updates.

      I'm using the ota_firmware_upgrade example code in WICED ide. I had to modify the target from BCM920737TAG_Q32 to the CYBLE_013025_EVAL target. This meant that I had to also change the GPIO_PIN_WP pin to -1 according to the platform.h file, but I am not sure if that is supposed to stay that way.


      I compile the code, install, and see that it shows up on the Andriod WICED app. I then use the WsOtaUpgrade program provided in the peerapps folder, which notify's that it needs to upgrade because this project was made for compilers from 2012. I run the app in debug with a custom command input of the bin file, it launches, I confirm that the HELLO app is connected on ble, and I press start, and it does nothing. After stepping through the debugger, I see that it quits on line 406 of Win8Interface.ccp


      hr = pSetDescr(hService, &m_descrClientConfig, &DescriptorValue, BLUETOOTH_GATT_FLAG_NONE);


      where it times out.


      I went onto the firmware of the chip and found that the hello_sensor_write_handler doesn't ever get used in the start process attempt.


      How am I supposed to get this example code to work? It is something that I will need to be able to do if I am going to try and port it over into some of my other code.