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    Oversampling setting of UART (SCB mode)


      About UART (SCB mode) of CY8C4025AZI - S413.


      I'm thinking of using Oversampling with 10 instead of 16 to set the baud rate of 19,200 bps.

      Please tell me about the concerns when Oversampling is set to 10 instead of 16.

      For example, it gets weaker against EMS.

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          Hi Aoki-san,

          Reducing the oversampling to x10  compared to x16 oversampling will mean need for

          Increasing clock/data-rate accuracy requirement

          Increasing signal quality requirement (bigger/wider eye diagram of a bit period) .This is because the ideal sampling of UART bit would be at the bit period center with the bit period divided into x10 or x16 time units .So it will impact the bit sampling point. If this is well within the stable region of the signal (whether x10 or x16), then it should be fine.