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    Nand flash does not exit busy state



      I am working on a project using LPC1788 micro-controller. I should mention that this micro has external memory controller and the micro interfacing flash using its own controller.

      I'm trying to make an external flash memory which is S34ML01G1 work, but the problem is after erasing one block, the flash does not exit from the busy state. I use an oscilloscope to see the R/B signal and it never returns to its ready state. I have provided some time after the erase operation to create enough time for flash, but it does not work. I also try to read the status register, but it never enters the busy state and always return ready.

      I initialized the memory controller's timing registers but I am not definitely sure whether they are correct because some of the registers need data which could not apparently obtain from the flash datasheet.


      every suggestion would be greatly appreciated,


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          Hello Elham,


          How many devices did you try ? Did you see the same issue on all devices ? In case if you tried only one device can you try with other device and let us know if you are observing the same issue. Please let us know the status register value which you are observing ?

          Also please send us the timing wave forms