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    CapSense slider resolution on CY8CKIT-042-BLE


      I'm having issues with reading the slider over BLE on the CY8CKIT-042-BLE (with the CY8C4247LQI-BL483 module). I've tried the PSoC_4_BLE_CapSense_Slider_LED project and the PSoC 4 BLE 101:4 lesson project and they both seem to have the same issue. In the CySmart app, the slider seems to jump between values as you move your finger, rather than scrolling smoothly. If I look at the characteristic value directly in the GATT DB section, it jumps from 00 -> 0c ->25 -> 3e -> 57 -> 64.  I've tried CySmart on both Android and iOS and they both show the same thing, so it seems like there is an issue with the PSoC examples. Any ideas?

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          Hi Sean,


          This behaviour seems to be due CapSense sensitivity. Please try placing an overlay on the Slider (on the board) or increase the Finger capacitance parameter value of the CapSense component in the project and see that improve the slider readings.


          (As a quick check before that, gently move you finger on the CapSense slider and see if see any difference in the slider readings)