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    Switching GPIO pin between UART(v2.5) and XXX_Write(Bolean);



      I am creating a dmx transmitter. Iam creating a break on a pin with the XXX_Write(Bolean); command and it works find. After the break it goes high to a MAB and i want to swith the output from digital write with a command to the UART so the UART can send the DMX data.


      While writing the digital pin high and low with the Hardware Connection connected to the pin it goes low but in a curve. When turning the pin on and off it should become a square but the falling edge isn't straight down.


      How can i do this?

      I was thinking of turning on and off the Hardware Connection of my pin when iam commanding the break and turning it on when the UART is going to send data, but i can't find a register or something that can turn it on and off mid program. (short said connect and disconnect it from the UART block)


      Thank you!


      ps: i have the CyCKIT-044 PSoC 4 M-series pioneer kit with a PSoC 4200M device