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    FX3 Cypress Control Center works, but compiles CSharp Example does not ERASE_FAILED




      I have an FX3 device and it is properly programmed by the included Cypress USB Control Center.  I have downloaded and compiled the USB Control Center Source via the SDK download.  Everything compiles ok, but when I try to use the FX3-->SPI_Flash option to program, I get an error from the following code.


                          StatLabel.Text = "Programming of SPI FLASH in Progress...";


                          enmResult = Fx3.DownloadFw(FOpenDialog.FileName, FX3_FWDWNLOAD_MEDIA_TYPE.SPIFLASH);

                          StatLabel.Text = "Programming of SPI FLASH " + Fx3.GetFwErrorString(enmResult);



      The returned error is SPILASH_ERASE_FAILED


      This error doesn't occur in the binary utility included with the SDK.


      Using a USB analyzer, I can see that the same command  C4H,1,0,0 is sent from both applications, but in my compiled version, it fails and in the utility (compiled by Cypress) the same command succeeds.


      Any direction on this would be helpful.