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    How to program BCM43362 on own PCB


      I have just purchased an SN8200 as it appears to be appropriate for my design but I now find that it comes unprogrammed (the supplier web site had an old version of the data sheet that did not state this!).

      As I am working with my own PCB and I don't want to spend 10x the cost of the device on a development board (which I don't think would help me anyway as I need it to talk to my own circuit). (This is for my personal experience.)

      However I must be having a 'grey moment' as for the life of me I cannot find anything about how to start from scratch to get one of these things programmed without the "and then plug in the development board" statement!

      I have an iMac (running Yosemite) and I gather that I will need a JTAG programmer (I have a FTDI VNC2 programmer that does JTAG) but I'm not worried if I need to construct something myself to do the job.I have also downloaded the WICED-SDK-3.1.1 package for OSX. I am also expecting that I will need a header on my PCB so that I can program the SN8200 at any time in the future.

      All I am trying to do is to get the basic chip working so I can talk over an UART or SPI link to it and have it join a WiFi SSID and create an UDP connection to an internet address. According to the documentation for the SN8200 this should be the basic operation.

      Can some kind sole please give me the 'granny steps' to do this?

      What (additional/correct) software should I download?

      Is there firmware that I need to download or build - if so from where?

      Am I right about the JTAG programmer or do I need something else?


      Susan VK3ANZ


      (Edit: correct reference to BCM43362, not BCM43341!!!)

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          Giving this a 'bump' now that I have edited the title to refer to the correct device!


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            Hi Susan,


            If you are designing your own carrier board for the SN8200 module, then you will need to route the MCU JTAG pins from the SN8200 out to a header (at the very minimum test points) so that you can reprogram/debug the module when required.


            You can get more of an idea on the physical connections required by looking at:


            This is the Broadcom evaluation board that our BCM943362WCD4(schematic also available in the SDK) module mounts onto. You can program this board via the USB to JTAG/UART interface (via the FT2232 ‘U7’) or via the JLINK header ‘J8’.


            As of today we have only programmed via J8 using an Olimex-ARM-USB-TINY-H, or using the FTDI device on board.


            I can’t vouch for your VNC2-based programmer working. You will need to check yourself whether openOCD supports this. You will also more than likely need to modify the openOCD scripts shipped with the WICED SDK if you choose to use your programmer (assuming it is supported.)


            There should be a lot of info on the net for you to look at regarding this.


            Hope this helps.




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              Thanks Lex.

              The VNC2 uses the FT232 (instead of the FT2232) *but* then combines the (equivalent of the) TDI and TDO to a single line and so is not much use to me.

              However, given the schematic you reference I think I can create a programmer without too much trouble. I have an FT2232 around here that I can press in to service.

              Your other comments confirm what I thought so it means I am on the right track.