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    debug problem




      I have issus when resetting my psoc 4200L BY8c4247bzI-L479


      I can attach to the running target, see where I'm in stack traces etc (and obviously program etc) , but when I hit reset I get this:

      PSoC Creatro Error dbg.M0007

      The run request failed. Encountered error (Timeout of SROM polling. Lost communication with chip.)


      All I get when searching for this is an issue that seems to be connected to 3.1 not 4.1 as I'm running.

      Previously we used a L489 and it always worked.


      Any ideas?


      I'm pretty new to this debug environment, so I don't really know where to start looking. The project I have is massive, with freertos, usb type c etc, so it's a bit much to push over, however I could do that on the side if you really need that. or just point me to what you would need to shed any light on this.


      Kind regards