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    What is the bluetooth class of CY8CKIT-062-BLE etc.




      we will deploy 16 of these new devices in two huge concrete rooms. The rooms are about 500m long and segmented in four segments each.

      Moreover, the rooms are curved which makes it more difficult. Between the segments there is a thick concrete wall and a relatively small opening.


      We need to know the bluetooth class of the new IoT development kits to derive the distance it can bridge ?

      Also, can the signal be extended via repeater, and if so, which repeater would be suitable ?

      Can the device itself act as a repeater, and if so - would this feature need to be custom developed in software ?

      A further question: is the ADC component limited to 12bit SAR or is the 20bit ADC which is present on the PSoC 5LP also available ?


      Thank you for any helpful insight.


      Best Regards