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    S34ML01G1 : Demo Code with Hardware Pin Definitions

      Dear Sir/Mam,


      I want to use S34ML01G1 and Download Demo Code from below link as low level driver.

      E:\S J\NAND Flash\Spansion_NAND_LLD_15.3.0.exe


      Do you have Schematic or Circuit Diagram that which pin of MPU is connected to S43LM01 in any compiler ?


      I am unable to find PIN Definitions like below in demo code?

      So I can perform basic test Read/Write operation .


      #define CE // Chip Enable (Active Low)

      #define CLE // Command Latch Enable


      #define ALE // Address Latch Enable

      #define WE // Write Enable (Active Low)


      #define WP // Write Protect (Active Low)

      #define RE // Read Enable (Active Low)


      #define PT // PT (Protection) pin connecting to high

      // for entire chip protected

      #define DATA_PORT // IO7 - IO0 (Data I/O port)

      #define R_B // Ready/Busy (Open Drain)

      I am attaching my Schematic .. Please Update..


      And S34ML04G1 is Non Stocked ... Not Available or long leading time as most of the online website... ?

      Any distributor in India ?