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    Unusual ping result of WICED SDK


      Here is my environments.


      - WICED SDK 2.4.0

      - ThreadX/NetX Duo, BCMUSI11

      - AP, Laptop1, Laptop2, WICED module

      1. WiFi module is associated to the AP. (Laptop1 and Laptop2 do also via WiFi).

      2. Start 2 ping-test. (From Laptop1 to Laptop2, From Laptop1 to WICED module)

      3. After some hours, ping(from Laptop1 to WICED module) was unusual state as below.

      <A3> : from Laptop1 to WICED module, <B> : Laptop1 to Laptop2


      4. This status continued until leave/re-join to AP.

      And, this situation occurs frequently.

      Of course, in test-lab there are many APs, but another WiFi devices(Laptop1 and Laptop2) show stable ping-result as <B> under same-environment.

      Please give me your advice about that.

      BR, Steve