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    [S29GL064S70TFI030] Are there any restrictions on the difference of SA's address for 128 words Write to Buffer.




      The customer is operating the Write to Buffer at 128 words, but writing can not be completed.

      When writing to buffer 64 words once was successful, but writing to buffer (128words) once
      It will freeze during writing and the writing will not be completed.


      We confirmed that Write to Buffer (128 words) will succeed when SA's address is round number such as 7D0000h, 7D0100h, 7D0200h, 7D0300h etc. However when SA addresses are
      7D0020h, 7D0120h, 7D0220h. . .128 words writing did not succeed 

      In details, after operating “Program Buffer to Flash” command, 0x0098 is set to RD of “Status
      Register Read” command.


      Are there restrictions on the difference of SA's address? Or are there any other reasons mentioned


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