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    WICED Sense Demo App problem

      I have a Android Mobile V4.2 Jelly Bean. The app developed will work for android versions 4.3 & above, which version of demo app should I use to get a sense of this Wiced Sense

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          Hello ananthms,


          We only have one version of the Android App and you should be running at least 4.3, but better for 4.4


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            Android 4.3 is the minimum for BLE. All versions before do not support BLE.

            Some people say, BLE on 4.3 is flaky (for me OK).

            4.4 might be better: there was a change of which BLE LIB used inside Android.


            If you create an Android App - often you can specify which Android version (as minimum) is required
            and what is the current Android API version. If we set to 4.3 as minimum - you could not install on 4.2


            There are some Apps to figure out if your phone supports BLE, e.g. "BLE Checker":
            BLE Checker - Android Apps on Google Play
            On my phone, which was already 4.3 - it told me "BLE not supported" and I had to do a Android update (to 4.3.x), then it was fine.