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    P_UART and other questions for 20737S

      1. P_UART question

      There may be two sets of P_UART pins

          • P32 (Tx) and P33 (Rx)
          • P0 (Tx) and P2 (Rx)


      I have used P32/P33 for debug traces.

      Would it be possible to use the following set-ups at the same time?

        • Use P32/P32 for debug traces
        • Use P0/P2 to interface with an MCU

      I would like to be able to print debug messages while running an UART on P0/P2 with MCU.


      2. Pull-up on P1

      Also I believe P1 needs to be pulled up for the internal EEPROM's I2C.  Are there any other pins that need to be pulled up?


      3. Pull-down on HCI UART_RX

      I believe that HCI UART_RX (Pin18) is pulled down internally.  Do I need to pull down with an external resistor (10k)?

      The WICED Sense kit shows the Pin18 is pulled down via 10k to the ground.


      4. nCS on P26

      Does SPI2 master control this pin at all (active low)?

      Or it is used only for SPI2 slave?


      5. Best way to communicated with MCU

      • P-UART
      • SPI

      I believe SPI would provide a faster transfer. 

      P-UART may be easier to implement.  However, we have an SPI working between 20737 and MCU.  Does it still make sense to try to implement P-UART?


      6. Schematic/layout review

      Who can I contact for schematic/layout review in PM?


      Thank you,