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    Looking for an Android file system expert

      Hi all,

      is anybody familiar with file system on Android devices?
      I have a SQLite based BLE App created. In general it works, just:

      • Android does not have really "shared folders". Every App will have its own data folder (which is not visible for other Apps,
        or neither from PC). It works fine when using the App data folders. I can create a DB, open and update next time (e.g. new sensor values).
      • But putting DB on a visible folder, even SD Card: I can create and see it but it works only once. On a second App start the DB is "read only".
      • And it looks to me (after hours on Google): in general it is not possible to share files, a database between different Apps. They need the same App ID in their Manifest XML file. But with a third-party I have no clue about it and I cannot change (to give two Apps the same App ID so that they look like the same and can use the same folder and files)


      Does anybody has an idea how to deal with shared folders and files on Android?

      Thank you.