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    how to create a combination bootloadable application

      Hey forum;


      I have the need for a launcher bootloader with what appears to be combination bootloadable applications but I cannot find how to do this. I am trying to have 2 sets of code in flash and be able to switch back and forth based on input conditions. The functions I need are not present like Bootloadable_GetActiveApplication() because it says those are only available in a combination bootloadable application. So I am looking for some guidance here. I am testing using a -042 kit with just simple code in my 2 applications that blinks 2 different color LEDS and uses a switch to trigger the launcher. But because I do not have the correct application, I am stuck.


      Hopefully somebody has done this? Thanks in advance for your help.



      Regards, Jeff J

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          The project type is automatically detected by the PSoC Creator.  The condition is described in the "Bootloader and Bootloadable Datasheet v1.50"  You can open the datasheet byt the DATASHEET button on the Bootloader or Bootloadable component. Or you can download the PDF file from following page.


          Bootloader and Bootloadable | Cypress Semiconductor


          The condition is described in the section "Functional Description: Bootloader Project Types" as follows.


          The combination project must have a Bootloadable component, a Bootloader component, and a Communication component associated to the Bootloader component.  For example, following schematic is recognized as a combination project type.


          The API function Bootloadable_GetActiveApplication() can be used.





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