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    32 KB Version of CY8C28452




      I have been working cy8c28542 from past 7 month. it has 16 KB flash memory. it is enough till now but now i want to upgrade my device with some new feature but i cant find any ic on this series with 32 kb flash.


      my reason for choosing this ic is Idac for accurate current source. i  cant choose other one.

      and second thing i have attached in picture. i cant find this  analog column input select with 4 quantity in any other device


      kindly guide me. which ic is better for me??

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          Hello Chirag,


          The CY8C28xxx series has a maximum of 16kB Flash only. In the CY8C28xxx series, we have a wider analog mux for analog column input which is not available in other PSoC1 devices. This wider analog mux enables a column to connect to any Port 0 pin or an analog mux bus.


          I suggest that you move to devices on our PSoC4 family, which is newer and is ARM Cortex M0 based. We will be continually updating this family.


          Sampath Selvaraj