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    Adapting Sensorless FOC to another motor is not working (CY8CKIT-037)

      Hello everyone,


      I have seen a same problem in a recent thread but it is incomplete, the question was unanswered.

      Problem:Motor Rotates for few seconds then  stops all i can hear now is jittering sound  without any error.Tried tuning as mentioned in AN93637

      1.BLDC motor 24V,1.2A has a sinusoidal  bemf,with 8 poles,3.1 Ohms(line to line),0.002H(line to line) ,2800 Rated speed,Winding type Star connection

      2.It is rotating in open loop.probably, switching to closed loop control is getting failed,so tried  increasing smoEst.slideError parameter to higher value however it is not working.

      3.The motor with kit BLY172S-24V-4000 has delta type winding ,could that be any problem since the motor  am using has y type winding?

      It would be great if any one could give an advice.