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    S29GL-S  Reset command(F0)




      Micron W29DW Flash has reset command (F0) of 1-Cycle and 3-cycle.



      Adder | Data

      x | F0



      555 | AA

      2AA | 55

      x | F0


      Now, customers are considering changing from Micron to Cypress's S29GL128S.

      According to the data sheet, GL-S supports only 1-cycle reset command (F0).

      If 3-cycle reset command is issued, will GL-S Flash execute reset?

      Or is this command ignored?


      Best Regards,

      Naoaki Morimoto

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          Hello Morimoto-san,


          The reset command with the two unlock cycles which you're referring to is used as a "Write Buffer Abort Reset command" for the GL-S case.

          This command (0xAA + 0x55 + 0xF0) will clear the status register and return to normal operation.


          I have just tested both commands on real silicon and they had the same effect.

          So you can use both commands for a reset.




          Best regards,



          Bacem Daassi

          Customer Application Engineering

          Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

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            Hello Bacem-san,


            Thank you for your answer. I understand it.


            Best Regards,
            Naoaki Morimoto