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    Regarding operation of  “Solar Powered IoT Device Kit” with coin battery.




      User would like to operate “Solar Powered IoT Device Kit” by using coin battery.


      User mounted a battery holder, then they inserted CR1220(3V) into this holder.

      But IoT kit did not operate.


      And I tried whether IoT kit operates correctly or not by using external power supply.

      I used VBAT pin(#2) of J1.


      But IoT kit did not operate even if external power supply ups to 5V.


      It seems that S6E101A did not output any voltage even if there is VBAT voltage(3V to 5V).


      J4 is in EH side.


      How should user operate IoT kit with coin battery?

      Please advise.



      Best Regards.

      Yutaka Matsubara