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    For thermal registance of FAB024(BGA) package for NOR SPI FLASH


      Customer is considering their board design for below two parts now.




      Q1. I can see Theta JA of FAB024 package as 39degC/W  in S25FS512S datasheet,but I can not see it in  S70FS01GS datasheet.

          Let me know the Theta JA of FAB024 for 70FS01GS.


      Q2.Does AN201006 correspond above two parts?


      ( I would like to know refence model of the theta JA sach as JESD15 and Ta spec etc.)


      Q3.Do you have specs of Theta JB (junction to board) and Theta JC(junction to case) for above two parts?


      Ecpected due date : 17th.Oct.

      Thank you & Regards,