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    PSoC 1 Evaluation Kit includes obsolete devices? Alternatives for SC circuits?


      Hi, I have a PSOC 1 CY3210-PSoCEval1 Evaluation Kit. This kit includes CY8C29466-24PXI and CY8C27443-24PXI device samples. When looking for information to compare these devices I found that Mouser lists both of these devices as obsolete. There is a more recent version of this kit, but it uses the same devices.  Is Cypress phasing out PSOC 1? Are there non-obsolete alternative devices that work with this kit? My applications require the versatility of the switched capacitor blocks available in PSoC 1 and which do not appear to be available in the other, more modern, PSoC devices. Those devices have programmable analog blocks that may offer better analog modules, but they do not appear to be as versatile for non-standard switched capacitor circuit development as PSoC 1 devices. Please advise. Cheers! -Matt