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    Qualified/Certified BLE Controller (HCI Mode)

      Hi there,


      I'm trying to find a suitable BLE solution for an upcoming product. We're looking for a BLE Controller that we can integrate with BlueZ on a Linux system. In other words we're looking for access to the HCI layer of the bluetooth stack. We're also hoping to find one that is available as a module, so we don't have to implement the RF chain ourselves.


      I've seen a few posts on the community forums about using HCI mode for testing and the like, but I haven't found much documentation from Cypress on which software stacks can break out this layer. I've also seen this list of Cypress' Bluetooth qualifications which suggests that you can pick and choose which parts of the stack you can include in your firmware build.


      Can you provide some more information? If we want a pre-qualified BLE controller available as a pre-certified module for our product, which chipsets are suitable, and where should I be looking to understand the software stack? To further complicate things we're hoping to find a solution that will enable us to update the firmware stack in the future to support BLE Mesh.