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    Looking for a faster alternative to CY8C4247LQI-BL483


      Hi folks,


      I am working on a project to add some functionality to an old 8-bit processor-based computer. I started a prototype using the Pioneer PROC/PSOC 4 kit. Basically, where I'm at, is that it almost works. The 48Mhz processor is just a hair too slow to directly emulate RAM when interfacing with the processor. What I mean by that is that I can write data from the computer to the PSOC, and I can read data back out, and I can even run machine language code from the PSOC's RAM... but this last bit works for only about 30 seconds or so of looping through a few bytes of code before something isn't ready quite in time and things crash.


      One option would be to add dual-port RAM as an interface between the two busses, but that add a lot of complexity and cost to my solution.


      I think that the newer 80Mhz MCUs would be fast enough, since 48Mhz is pretty darn close.


      So, what I'm looking for is recommendations on whether there are newer devices that are otherwise pretty similar to what I've been using. I'd prefer something with a BLE antenna on-board or in a small prototype module. The main other requirement is to be able to interface with a 5V CMOS TTL bus. The PROC and PSOC 4 devices do this well.