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    Is it just me, or is the new web site quite confusing ?




      I'm very glad some effort has been put into changing the clunky old forum into a nice new one, but is it me, or is the new developer community very confusing and poorly thought out?  Let's take a look:


      The first thing we see is this. Right, where's the forum?


      I can't see a link anywhere to a forum.  I tried searching for "Forum", but don't get anything helpful.  Let's

      just try random clicking.  First let's try "Home". Nope, that's where I cam now.


      Now let's try "Content":


      Cool! This looks like a forum.  Right, I want to ask a question. Where's the "New question" or "New Topic"

      bottom.  Nowhere to be seen. Random clicking .... Eventually I try clicking on a question ...



      Can't see any "New Topic" buttons here.  But I can see some indication that we're somewhere in a tree (circled in red).

      So I click on "Discussions". 




      Now I'm taken to somewhere that's called "Content" even though I was at a place before that was

      supposedly called "Content" But this one looks different.  It's definitely a forum of some kind, but

      where actually am I?  Is this "Home -> All Places"  or is it "Feedback" or is it "Content" ?  Why isn't

      it "Discussions", because I remember clicking on "Discussions" just now.  If it's a forum, what

      happened to all of the old topics we used to have, "PSoC4 Architecture", etc.?   Damn, I'm pretty

      confused now.  Well, at least there seems to be a "Start a discussion" button. Progress!


      Let's try "Overview" now:



      This looks basically the same as "Content". There's still a list of forum posts, and another way to

      start a discussion, except now it's called "Create Discussion" and you have to type your topic into

      a box before you press the button.  Still no sign of topics.


      Well, let's keep clicking. I wonder what "All Places" is:



      Cool, I've found some topics!  Kind of randomly ordered, but never mind.  OK, these aren't topics,

      it's just an unordered mixture of forum topics and Knowledge Base Articles.  I click on "MCU":



      It's not really clear where I am. Am I still in a forum or what? Let's click on PSoC4:



      OK, I see I can ask a question here, but this still doesn't look much like a forum. The "Discussions and

      Activity" is laid out in a way that makes it hard to read through the list of forum posts (if that's what

      they are).



      Really, whenever I come here, nothing seems to make a whole lot of sense. Am I in a forum that has a

      topic on microcontrollers, or a place about microcontrollers that has a forum in it?


      What's a place and a space and a group?


      It's really not clear when you arrive at the Developer Community, that to get to the forum, you have to

      click on "MCU", then "PSoC4"  then "Content".


      Really, I think you've tried to make this place overly complicated, and not at all consistent. When I go to

      other forums, (E.G. StackOverflow, ElectronicsPoint, or even your old forum) it's immediately clear what's

      going on, and where you have to go, and what you have to do.


      Please, please, can yo simplify things a bit. Please, can we just have one forum, with topics and with an

      obvious link to it called "Forum" or something?


      Thanks for your patience


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          Thanks for the detailed feedback on your initial experience with the new integrated platform.  Note that some of the nomenclature and menu systems provided on the hosted platform cannot be changed.  My apologies if some of these seem out of place and cause frustration.


          Regarding the location of "forums", the discussion areas and all associated product specific content within the platform is centered around pages/spaces focused on specific products.  Initially, these products are classified at a high level by product type: MCU, USB, Wireless, etc. The first picture you included above demonstrates this concept. Once you click on a product, say "MCU", it takes you to a lobby page for all products of that product type. The 7th photo you included above is an example.


          Once you are on this page with all products of the desired product type, select the one that you are interested in, say for instance PSoC 4, which is the 8th photo you included.


          On this page, you have two ways to create a discussion once you are logged in:






          Ask PsoC 4->Create Discussion



          To view recent discussions on PSoC 4, scroll down to the area just below Ask PSoC 4:



          To view all discussions on PSoC 4, click the "Content" tab highlighted above, then select the discussion content type:



          Again, apologies for the frustration this process has caused.



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            I share your frustration with the new forum - you just scratched the tip of the iceberg in your review. It is my understanding, that Cypress purchased new platform to unify and update all forums after recent acquisitions. Unfortunately, the platform chosen was designed for social media (like Facebook, etc.), which has quite different goals than a place for professional communication. This is where the fluff comes up, like acquired points, 'ideas' and 'blogs' sections, 'likes', the content labyrinth etc. - all of which are usually intended for a teenager's distraction. It is my understanding, that the platform is closed and proprietary, so that not much can be changed by the Cypress IT personnel themselves. For that reason I would not expect any improvement soon.